Hi. I'm Jayden. I make obsidian rectangles light up in a variety of ways.

I was endorsed on LinkedIn for Cat Skating Stylesheets.

I've spent the last few years designing interactive content tools used by the largest publishers in the world – ESPN, National Geographic, NPR, NBC, Yahoo!, The Boston Globe, and more. Right now, I'm currently focusing on ways to improve our relationship with each other the web, especially in regards to politics. Making engaging content only solves a sliver of our problems.

I support ethical reform in the tech industry that empowers people to use their time how they see fit, like the Time Well Spent movement. We must address the implicit problems that we create, often unconsciously, when we design. If we don't, our new attention-based economy will result in an attention bankrupt economy.

In my decade in the design world, I've lead efforts in creating products from the ground up, developing interface libraries, standardizing branding guidelines, running usability tests, and measuring product adoption/effectiveness. My work includes efforts in:


I am currently taking on client work. If you'd like to talk, I'd love to hear from you.


You can learn significant somethings from someone's GIF library. Here's mine.